Kaizen Steel Tongue Drums

Receiving some very positive reviews within the HandPan / Tongue drum community recently, ‘Kaizen’ steel tongue drums are an earthy range of finely tuned Hank made by ‘Levi Record’, of Georgia, in the States. Self-proclaimed ‘mountain man’, Levi is an artisan who believes strongly in creating quality instruments, handmade with love and care, over those mass-produced. And following a daily practise of meditation before starting work, Levi (and crew) imbue each Kaizen drum with the spirits of love, and the essence of life’s beauty, in order to aid those who find themselves Kaizen in lap, in achieving a deep sense of inner peace during play. A gift to then be payed-forward by player, to the ears of all who  find themselves listening.

Kaizen, (Japanese for: "continuous improvement or change for the better”), are priced at around $250 (upwards), are available in most scales (including custom), and if you ask very nicely, they may even be available in colors other than brown (although we can’t guarantee this). At the time of writing, Kaizen steel tongue drums are sold primarily through ebay*, and feedback is 100% positive. And in addition, it is known that Kaizen steel tongue drums have proven to be a popular choice; with at least one notoriously hard to please Hank / HandPan enthusiast. ;)

* Kaizen steel tongue drum are no longer available from ebay, but they are available from Levi's Etsy store: HERE

Or additionally, Kaizen now have their own website, which you can check out: HERE.
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