Spin Gem - Hang Sounds for your Puzzle Game Fix

In Thailand they have the saying “Same, same... but different!” Which likely in Thailand means many different things, to many different people. But with regards to this funky new iPhone game from ‘Waggle Games Ltd.’ titled ‘Spin Gem’, it’s fairly self-explanatory. An iPhone / iPad game of the puzzle genre, centred around the manipulation of for points, over-sized, brightly colored gems. On the surface Spin Gem is nothing new. But, tweak the concept just enough. And (the reason we’re talking about this game in the first place) replace upbeat synthesised pop with some blissed out synthesised Hang beats instead, as the soundtrack to the game. And you really do have something that’s: Same, same.. but different!

With the idea being to match gems on opposite sides of what is, in effect, a clock face (or perhaps the surface of a Hang as viewed from above). With the hands of the clock sweeping around, bringing with them gems of differing value that need to be paired up for points. With the high-score awarding points going to those who can piece together combos. Spin Gem is a highly addictive little game that while only having a tentative link to the world of HandPan, is great fun none-the-less. And is certainly worth the price-tag of (at time of writing) nothing what-so-ever. It’s a great freebie. And can be downloaded for hours of fun from the iTunes store: HERE.
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