Treating your Hang / HandPan for Rust - Miracle Cloth and More...

As a HandPan owner, rust is not your friend. Especially if you happen to be one of those who dropped 10 grand-plus for a used first generation Hang on ebay, with little-to-no-chance of getting any assistance from PANArt, should your prized possession begin to develop problems.

Usually caused by oxygen found in moisture in the air reacting with the iron molecules found within steel, resulting in oxidiation, and eventually, corrosion. Rust can potentially be a very, very bad thing indeed for your pan. However, if caught and treated early enough, usually rust is not a major problem. And can be treated with relative ease.

The Miracle Cloth

First recommended for use with (and distributed with) the Pantheon Steel Halo, the ‘Miracle Cloth’ is a multi-purpose cleaning cloth containing protective chemicals, and waxes, that penetrate into the pores of the metal. Removing rust spots (depending on severity), and protecting the metal against future corrosion. Properties that have made treatment with a Miracle Cloth, the first point of call for all HandPan that are found to have rust problems.

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Use the Miracle Cloth as directed on the packaging (which essentially involves polishing your HandPan with the Miracle Cloth). However, please note that the Miracle Cloth is not for day-to-day maintenance (use a micro-fibre cloth for this), and that heavy use may remove surface coloration/patina.

* And should the use of a Miracle Cloth not solve your rust problem, with things being a little more severe, Daniel Waples of the Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys recommends: "0000 grade wire wool, used softly... then apply a little oil...”

If in doubt, you can always try seeking further advice over at, where the following threads may be of interest:
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