An Interview with Manu Delago - The Bjork Tour and Beyond

While of course it’s far too early to carve such matters in stone (with the Hang having only been around for ten years or so), and perhaps, even pointless to do so... but with by far the most popular and shared ‘Hang drum’ video online under his belt (creeping up on four million views and counting), having played all over the world with his outfits ‘Living Room’, and ‘Handmade’, and having recently toured with the eccentric Icelandic phenomenon that is Bjork, at the time of writing, Manu Delago is arguably to Hang music, what Elvis was to Rock and Roll. i.e. “The King”.

If you’ve sought out Hang music videos online, it would be almost impossible for you not to have stumbled across at least one by Manu. And for many, Manu Delago’s track ‘Mono Desire’ (quite possibly titled simply as ‘Hang Drum Solo’) is their first introduction to the intoxicating sounds of the Hang. And while some are content to simply seek out, and enjoy listening to more Hang music online. For others this video has become the start of an often long (and/or expensive) journey (addiction?). For those who feel the calling to play the Hang for themselves.

Interviewed by ‘Johnny Bliss’ over at Manu Delago talks about his experiences of playing with his smaller more intimate outfits, and about being part of the much larger and eclectic Bjork tour. An opportunity that might never have presented itself had an unknown Japanese fan not unexpectedly taken the time to re-title, and re-upload Mono Desire into what would become one of the thirty most watched music videos on YouTube (at time of writing). 

You can read the full interview: HERE
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