Storia - Dreamlike on a Fading Road

Another face that frequently turns up in Hang videos shared online via social networks, and the like; these days, is that of ‘Storia’.

A performer from a young age, Storia, weaves breathtaking and intricate Hang and vocal compositions. Spinning enchanting spells, brought forth from the waves of the Hang, and the heart in her voice. Like some kind of sexy druidic witch, Storia, is certainly deserving of her growing recognition.

After returning from travel in India, and having previously written a letter to PANArt in search of a Hang, Storia received an invitiaton to visit the Hanghaus; to select her Hang. Explaining in one interview that “My Hang really did choose me, and it was only a short time before all these songs came out!”

Sometimes Folky, sometimes Soulful, and sometimes with an edge of Rock... Writing her visions, Storia, takes fragments of her creative puzzle, and pieces them together to form something more tangible; to be shared. And from the sound of offerings such as the forthright, and poetic ‘A Somewhat Something’, through to the sensual, and dreamy ‘Rhythmic Serpent’ (both from Storia’s debut album ‘Dreamlike on a Fading Road’). In addition to her entrancing YouTube performances.  It’s clear that all of the pieces are falling into place very nicely.

To hear more you can visit Storia over at her MySpace page: HERE, preview and purchase her album at BadCamp: HERE, or read an excellent interview with the enchanting Storia over at EMAHO Magazine: HERE.
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