432Hz Tuning - HandPan in Harmony with the Universe


Caisa 'Om' a 432Hz Tuned HandPan

While most would agree that all HandPan (as with most, if not all musical instruments) have certain healing, and therapeutic qualities, (whether for the musician entering a trance-like state during play, or a sense of blissful relaxation reached through listening to others play). Arguably, the healing properties of some HandPan, are said to be more potent than that of others. Due to the frequency to which they are tuned.


Said (by some) to be the frequency at which the entire Universe (and all within it) vibrates, 432Hz (as opposed to the 440Hz to which virtually all modern music is set) is increasingly gaining momentum in being regarded as the ‘natural’ pitch, resonating at a frequency in harmony with mind, body, and soul. And while it would be easy to dismiss some of what you read after a little research into this as new-age 'hokum'. If you take the time out to listen to, and compare a few sound samples recorded in both 440Hz, and then in 432Hz. It's difficult to not find yourself agreeing that there just might be something of substance at the heart of all this.

And while I don’t want to go too deeply into the science, and/or history of it all here (watch the embedded videos to get a better understanding of the concept), general consensus seems to be that it was only relatively recently (some time around 1953) that 440Hz became the standard, replacing the 432Hz that had been the norm for, well, since God made the Earth, the Big-Bang happened, or whatever chosen mechanism you subscribe to that first brought ‘everything’ into being occurred.

And in recent years, there has been something of a movement to return to this more ‘organic’ frequency of 432Hz (including a poll of over 20,000 classical musicians of France who all voted unanimously for A-432Hz). And it's an idea that has not been lost on at least one of the more established HandPan makers. Meaning that should you wish to play your Pan without disrupting the ‘good vibes’ of the Cosmos, Bill Brown of Kaisos Steel Drums has you covered, with the Caisa 'Om' (see video above). The only HandPan (I believe) at time of writing to be tuned to 432Hz. (But as and when more appear, we'll be sure to add them to this post).
Caisa 'Om' can be purchased through the 'Healing Drum' website: HERE

[UPDATE] It seems that most HandPan makers, and steel tongue drum makers, are now either willing, or able to tune their instruments to 432Hz - so if 432Hz is something that you're interested in, have a chat with your instruments maker.
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