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Gudu Hang

The “Gudu Hang” were a type of Hang made by PANArt between 2004 - 2007.  And what made them a little different from the standard Hang build, was the inclusion of a second Gu-like opening built into the side of the bottom shell, known as the “Du”.

The Du could be covered, or uncovered, using a flexible magnetic disc, but when open, could be utilized to create additional Udu-like effects.

Both first-generation, and second-generation Gudu Hang were made.  And like the PANArt-made “Dum”, (a tool usually associated specifically with Gudu Hang), the Du provided an interesting, yet subtle variation; to the standard Hangs sound.

And while the following is a little painful, as Hang demonstrations go, it does give you a good look at a Gudu Hang...

And you can hear one played in a more pleasing manner, by Hang-legend, Manu Delago, below…

Hang Gudu

Previously named the “Pang Gudu” (which, in our opinion, seemed more apt - and a little less confusing), the “Hang Gudu” is one of PANArt’s 2015-unveiled next generation Pang-made instruments.  

However, despite its name, as the Gubal moved away from the standard Hang architecture, but kept the circle of tuned tone-fields, in the case of the Hang Gudu, other than being made from the same material, there seems to be very little of the Hang left to it, other than its approximate shape, and a similar appearance.  With the Hang Gudu, (in our opinion) being more Udu, than Hang.

Interestingly though, the Hang Gudu, is the first (to our knowledge) PANArt-made instrument to ever be made available for online purchase, directly from the makers website.  Which considering the chaos, and confusion, PANArt’s “begging letter” type system of the past caused for many of those seeking a Hang, is refreshing.  

And while, ultimately, the Hang Gudu is only featured on this website (being primarily a Handpan dedicated website), because of the PANArt connection -  as part of a Pang orchestra (which is what PANArt appear to be moving towards at time of writing), the Hang Gudu; could be worthy of further exploration…

Get more information on the Hang Gudu over at PANArt's Website: HERE.
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