Italy - A Hub of HandPan Making Activity

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If you dwell within Italy, and find yourself searching for a HandPan (be it your first, or otherwise), geographically, and demographically, you can count yourself among the best placed of HandPan hunters there are.  Because Italy has fast become a true hub; of HandPan-making activity.  

At time of posting, other than the U.S. perhaps - no country offers more choice, for the HandPan-hungry seeker.

Why Italy has become such a plentiful mecca of HandPan production is unknown.  Does the country harbour a greater interest in all things HandPan than other lands, in general?  Or is there something going on there, in terms of a greater sharing of information, and teaching of skills, that has led to more makers?

We’ve no idea.  We could probably ask - but we enjoy the mystery of it all. :)

Regardless - at time of posting, few country's wares feature more frequently on our main list of HandPan makers, than those of Italy.  So that while the first Italian-made HandPan, the MDR Disco Armonico, sat lonely for a while - it has now surrounded itself with one of the largest country-specific lists of HandPan makers out there…

* MDR Disco Armonico

* Panormus Drum

* Vision Instruments

* db HandPan

* Blesspan

* Shakti Pan

* Meraki Instruments

* Soul Pan

And no doubt this list will very soon (if it isn't already) become outdated, as even more Italian HandPan makers step-forward, and swell their numbers.

As a point of note, the moniker, "Disco Armonico" (meaning "Harmonic Disc), was used in the sale of PANArt Hang within Italy, in the early years when Hang could be purchased through a small network of retailers. And at time of posting, the term still seems to cultivate some use among Italians, in place of the words "Hang", or "HandPan".

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