eBay Officially Recognises the HandPan - October 2015

has long been one of the most used (if not always the most popular) marketplaces, for buying and selling HandPan - providing a handy (if often higher priced) platform for purchasing a pan, for those unable to travel to collect in-person from a maker, those too impatient to wait on a list, the unwitting, those who prefer the security of having an established middle-man, and those in search of a particular “Holy Grail”. 

And in October, 2015 (scheduled for October, 12th), officially recognises the HandPan instrument-type, by awarding it its own sales category.  Category number: 181236, a new subcategory of World Drums.  

What does this mean for the HandPan, other than that it might possibly make it just a little easier to buy or sell them in the future over on the auction platform?  As the years tick by, it becomes increasingly less valid to refer to these instruments as a “new invention”.  And with an e-commerce platform the size of awarding the HandPan its own category, perhaps the HandPan is no longer (for good, or for bad) the fringe-curiosity, that it was, what seems like just a few short years ago...

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