Hang / HandPan Scales and Sound Models Explored

One of the more useful HandPan resources we’ve stumbled across in recent times (at time of writing) is the Google
site wiki titled ‘Hang and HandPan Scales’.  Whether you’re a Hang-inspired instrument maker looking for new ‘sound models’ to experiment with, a soon to be HandPan owner looking for the perfect scale, or are perhaps looking for a scale to compliment an existing instrument (among other uses) this Hang / HandPan scales wiki should prove to be eminently useful.  

An obvious labor of love this website lists the sound models of many of the more popular ‘brands’ of HandPan, (from the original Hang, through to more recent additions to the family, such as the Saraz), in alphabetical order.  Click on a sound model from the list and you’ll be presented with descriptions of the scale, the notes that make up the sound model (including variations across different HandPan), and where available, video(s) showing the sound model in action.  

Example info for the Blues sound model(s):

PANart Hang Blues (1st gen 2004)
(G) C Eb F F# G Bb C Eb
Pantheon Steel Halo Genesis Blues
(C) F Ab Bb B C Eb F  
BEllArt BElls Blues
(D) A C D D# E G A

As I write this post the Hang and HandPan Scales Wiki is under construction, so that while the site will still prove to be of great interest to anybody interested in exploring the world of Handpan sound models, the future of the website appears to promise even greater functionality in the days to come.  It appears that when complete, site visitors will be able to explore sound models by specific maker, and search for sound models containing a particular sought after note - options that will only enhance what is already a very useful website.  Take a look...

To visit the Hang and HandPan Scales Wiki: CLICK HERE

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