A Few Photographs of the PANArt Hang Being Made

Having spent a good while poking around online now, into anything, and everything Hang, and HandPan related, today, I came across something that I’d not yet come across before.  And while perhaps for some, not overly exciting, pictures of the type that follow, showing the PANArt Hang being constructed by Felix Rohner, and Sabina Schärer, seem to be incredibly rare online.  With PANArt having no web presence themselves on the Internet (at time of writing), and having on occasion even ‘respectfully’ asked for the removal of photographs of themselves from at least one other Hang focused website.
So for the interest of bona-fide Hang geeks everywhere, I’m posting links through to the photographs hosted on www.frsw.de, that show the now world famous Hang makers, enthusiastically building what I’m pretty sure are some first generation Hang (although going by some on-page dates they may well more likely be second generations).
Either ways, if it sounds like the sort of thing you might be interested in, you can take a peek at the photographs in question below.

* Photograph 1 * Photograph 2 * Photograph 3 *
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