American-Made HandPan / Hang Drum Alternatives List

This website, like most not targeted towards some kind of localised niche, receives the largest portion of its visitors from the U.S. And whether reaching this site out of initial interest in the ‘Hang drum’, after watching a YouTube video or two. Or in the final stages of searching for a HandPan to purchase. If only to save on shipping charges, and import taxes, it makes sense in many ways, if possible, for Americans, to buy American.
Though (at time of writing), as you may well already be aware, in the world of HandPan, due to the limited number of pans in existence, and the limited number being produced at any given time, to add to the stock - things are rarely that easy. However, with that said, just a few short years ago, there were NO American makers. And now, at time of writing, already a handful of HandPan makers based in the U.S.A have emerged. And no doubt the future will give bloom to more.
And so with that in mind - we'll try to keep this page updated with all known American-made HandPan.
Pantheon Steel Halo

The most established, trusted, and most sought after of the American-made HandPan has to be the Pantheon Steel Halo. Solid in build, and sweet in tuning, the Halo, is considered to be among the best HandPan currently available. And seems to get better with each new HandPan built.

Unfortunately though, as with the PANArt Hang, and other highly sought after pans, obtaining a Pantheon Steel Halo is either not easy (should you go the waiting list route / lottery), or not cheap (should you buy via ebay). With roughly only around 300 made per year (at time of writing), and 14,000+ people having signed up to the Pantheon Steel lottery. You’ll need to be lucky to win the chance to purchase one via the standard route. Or willing to shell out $6000-$7000 to buy one new from Pantheon via their single monthly ebay auction.

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Dave Beery’s Genesis HandPan

With 15+ years of steel pan tuning under his belt, many were hoping that Dave Beery would try his hand at making HandPan. And now, with his range of Genesis HandPan, he has. A relatively new member (at time of writing) to the HandPan family, Dave Beery’s Genesis HandPan are sounding better and better all the time. They’re cheaper than the Halo, and more easily available too (for now). So if you’re looking for an American-made HandPan to purchase, the Genesis (and it’s smaller sibling the ‘Symphonette’), are HandPan certainly worth taking a look at.

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Zen HandPan

Made in California, by the maker known as, 'Manny', Zen HandPan are among the more pleasing recent additions to the world of American-made HandPan.  Very little is known about them at time of writing, however, in terms of a makers dedication to the goal of producing a 'quality' handpan, with the Zen, the results appear to very much speak for themselves (i.e. this is a sweet sounding pan).

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More American-Made HandPan:

* Saraz HandPan
* Aura HandPan
* Symphonic Steel
* Tzevaot
* TerraPan
Note - While the Bali Steel Pan is not made in the U.S.A, due to trade agreements with Bali, the importation of a Bali Steel HandPan to the States should not incur import taxes.  Find more info on the Bali Steel Pan: HERE
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