Dead Can Dance - Anastasis (Featuring the Hang)

While at some point in the future, hearing a Hang, or HandPan, used in some kind of ‘mainstream’ project, or by an outfit of some recognition, may lose its excitement. Becoming more and more common, as it inevitably will - that day has not yet come (at time of writing).

And with ‘Dead Can Dance’, primarily consisting of: ‘Brendan Perry’, and ‘Lisa Gerrard’, having sold over 500,000 thousand copies of their 1993 album, ‘Into the Labyrinth’, and with their 1996 release, ‘Spiritchaser’ reaching the number one spot of the World Music Albums Chart. You can be sure that with the track ‘Anabasis’ (meaning a military advance, or retreat), from their similarly titled 2012 release ‘Anastasis’, is going to bring the Hang, and HandPan, to the attention of many who had previously not heard of what is still (at time of writing) a very new, rare (and incredibly beautiful) instrument type.

The Second track on Anastasis, Anabasis is six minutes fifty of hypnotic Middle-Eastern sounding beats, with the Hang firmly at its heart. Overlaid with the haunting vocals of both Brendan, and Lisa. All set to a collage of exquisite beauty. Which carries the viewer through soundscapes, and landscapes, and throws in a healthy dose of time-lapse for good measure. All of which makes for the mesmerising audial/visual journey that one fan describes as being, ‘full of passion, grace, and fire’, while others describe the album as being, ‘inspiring’, and ‘powerfully emotional’. And I find myself inclined to agree with each of them.

You can preview, and/or purchase Anastasis at Amazon: HERE

Additionally, ‘David Kuckhermann’, professional percussionist, and HandPan player, has been touring with Dead Can Dance on their recent tour. With one attendee describing David’s performance as sounding like ‘angelic sounds drifting throughout the Energy Centre, in a dream that nobody wanted to end’. Nice!
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