Ravid Goldschmidt - Calm Upon You

Meet Ravid Goldschmidt, to me, the most ‘elegant’ Hang / HandPan musician I’ve ever heard. And a man with a playing style, very much his own.

Some say that the voice of a PANArt Hang resembles the sound of a choir of Angels. And with his heavenly, classical sounding playing style, Ravid Goldschmidt, above all others, I can imagine most likely in the position of Angelic choir master. Playing upon the golden steps, with white gloved hands, welcoming in those who have passed, to days of peace forever after.

Little personal information about Ravid is offered up within his websites biography. Merely telling of his profound fascination with the Hang. And of his move to Barcelona in 2004, a base from which to perform across Spain, and Europe.

“I think something beautiful happened to this young man, a realization of some kind..." comments one YouTube viewer - in a statement that sums up the emotion of Ravid’s sound beautifully.

Ravid has recorded, and/or performed upon a number of hypnotic albums, including the 12 track, ‘Ravid Hang’, the epic 16 track, ‘Calm Upon You’, and the ‘Llama’ album, featuring Ravid on Hang, alongside Silvia Perez Cruz on vocals. All of which can be purchased from Ravids’ website: HERE. Or alternatively, if you fancy watching some more of Ravid’s video performances, you can visit his YouTube channel: HERE
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