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While we’re more than aware that tastes in music differ considerably, and that you’re more than capable of selecting your own favorite albums, and performers. Often, we’ve found throughout our life, is that the best musical gems, that we would never have discovered otherwise, have been passed to us by a friend. And as to some degree we like to consider ourselves your friend ;) we’ve taken time out of our busy schedule, just for you, friend, to open your ears to some of the best ‘Hang drum’ selections to be found on iTunes. Ready, and waiting to flow like silk into your eardrums via your iPod, iPhone, or whatever Apple based device you favor.
Living Room - Manu Delago, and Christoph Pepe Auer

A collaboration between master Hang musician Manu Delago, and Christoph Pepe Auer, ‘Living Room’, is an eclectic, and chilled eleven track offering. And while mixing things up with a variety of other instruments, Living Room features a more than healthy dose of Hang (as any Manu album should). And the overall blend makes for some sweet audio bliss. Creating the sort of vibe that (during my Uni days) I would have used to impress bohemian friends over a smoke with - to elevate myself to the level of Uber-cool. :)
Living Room

Beats for Your Feet - Hang Massive

One of the most celebrated Hang outfits around at time of writing, ‘Hang Massive’, is the joining of former ‘Hang Playing Hedge Monkey’, Danny Cudd, with Markus Johansson. And together, like a Hang-Playing Power Ranger, they’ve been producing some of the most listened too (and shared) video/audio online. And at eight tracks long, and featuring what has become one of the most recognisable Hang tracks in the world, the epic ‘Once Again’ - in addition to some other really cool live shizzney, Beats for Your Feet, if any Hang album were ever to be considered a ‘classic’, would certainly be in the running.
Beats for Your Feet

Knee-Deep in the North Sea - Portico Quartet

Among the first Hang albums I ever heard, was Portico Quartet’s ‘Knee-Deep in the North Sea’. The Jazz-hang fusion of awesomeness that blew me away as it popped from Apple-approved ear-buds, as I walked along the shore-line of an incoming tide, on a cold, grey English beach. So that while the Portico Quartet seem to be moving more, and more away from the Hang, the instrument that arguably mad etheir name, in recent years, Knee-Deep in the North Sea still remains a testament to what once was, for these London’s South Bank buskers, and Mercury Music Prize nominees. And to all who fell in awe to this classic nine track Hang-Jazz masterpiece, back in the day.
Knee-Deep In the North Sea (Deluxe Edition)

The Yoga Sessions - Masood Ali Khan

With a title like ‘The Yoga Sessions’, you’d expect this album to be pretty much exactly what it is. PANArt Hang at its most relaxing, and spiritual. And The Yoga Sessions by Massod Ali Khan doesn’t disappoint.  Another personal favorite of mine from the days of having first discovered the ‘Hang drum’, The Yoga Sessions is eleven tracks of downloadable bliss. And is an almost guaranteed remedy for fighting off the blues of those long days when nothing goes your way - especially when enjoyed lying on the couch, with a glass of nice wine. Or, of course, for those of you who practise such arts (as the name suggests), the album makes for the perfect soundtrack to accompany a little Yoga.

Dharma Wheel (feat. Suzanne Sterling)
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