David Kuckhermann - The Path of the Metal Turtle

The sun is out, and it’s been a long time since we’ve seen it in this quiet English seaside town. And as such, it felt necessary to turn up the volume, and make musical offering to the Sun Gods, in order to encourage them to Hang around for awhile. But what to play? Luckily, choosing wasn’t a problem, because when an artist, and album, comes recommended by Colin Foulke, as was the case with ‘The Path of the Metal Turtle’, by ‘David Kuckhermann’, you know that you’re in for a treat.

David Kuckhermann is something of a percussive mastermind, skilled in Frame drum, Cajon, Udu, and more recently, Hang, and HandPan. And that percussive background is shiningly evident in his style of HandPan play (in a good way). With controlled hands whirling in perfect rhythm in ways that those of us less skilled, can only at best, use as a yardstick towards which to aim.

Deliciously hypnotic, and mysterious, The Path of the Metal Turtle features six HandPan (Including Hang, Halo, and SPB), across eleven tracks. And while I intended to half-listen to this album while tidying (long-overdue) my apartment, it soon became obvious that this would be impossible, and in some small way, unjust. There was nothing for it but to fluff up a large pile of cushions, lay back my head, close my eyes, and take the journey in its entirety.  Savoring every beat, and resonant tone. Like a man enjoying every morsel of his final meal... 
And when having listened to the album several times through, and having dozed off pleasantly into a blissed-out peaceful, and contented half-sleep.  Led by the lullabies of singing steel under masterful hands - into a near out-of-body experience.  Upon coming to, I was reminded of a line from the movie ‘Fight Club’ - “Babies don’t sleep this well!”  I felt truly refreshed, at peace, and very much in awe!

The Path of the Metal Turtle is a gem - with highlights for me being the exotic-sounding, ‘Paper Marble’, the subtle, yet epic ‘The Sound of Viborg’, and the very familiar sounding ‘Han Solo’. The Path of the Metal Turtle is available for a cheeky free listen, or for purchase if you’re feeling flush over at David Kuckhermann’s BandCamp page: HERE (which is certainly recommended).

Or alternatively, you can visit David over at his website, Framedrums.net: HERE to find out what he’s all about. Or you can check out his recent uber-stylish videos over at his YouTube channel: HERE.
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