How NOT to Make a Hang Drum - The Video

Part 1.

Part 2.

If you’re considering trying to build your own Hang, or HandPan, and you haven’t yet watched the following YouTube video, you need to. Because while it won’t necessarily guide you in the ‘right’ direction, it may well offer up a few ideas as to what not to do. And even failing that, it certainly offers up some serious belly laughs. Which may well be just what you need to take your mind of what may seem like an impossible, and frustrating task, for those attempting a DIY build.

How NOT to Build a Hang Drum - What you’ll need:
  • 1 Wok
  • Several hammers inappropriate for the task
  • A quiet place to work
  • A relatively large dose of persistence
  • And a more than generous measure of good humor
So that while Dingo1492 may have unfortunately failed in his quest to build himself a Hang drum, he without doubt succeeded in brightening up my day (and the days of others judging by the comments). And if these videos get seen by the right people, he may even have carved out a career for himself as a YouTube video presenter of some sort.
To watch in full screen, and/or to comment, and pay your respects you can visit Dingo1492 over at his YouTube channel: HERE.
Or alternatively, you might want to check out our how to build a Hang / HandPan tips page: HERE. For those not put-off by Dingo's wok building attempt.
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