‘Hang uut’ - The Netherlands Held Hang / HandPan Gathering

While I’ve not as of yet attended myself, if you’re unable, or unwilling to travel to the UK held ‘HangOut’, or to ‘HandPangea’ held in the states. Or just simply live within, or closer to the Netherlands. You may well be interested in a little more information on the ‘Hang uut’. The Hang / HandPan gathering held in Wapserveen, Drenthe, in Holland.

Into its third year (at time of writing), the Hang uut, is a gathering of musicians from across Europe (and possibly beyond) who all share a love for the Hang, and for HandPan in general. That consists of workshops for learning, and exchanging techniques. Performances. And of course, plenty of friendly jamming with fellow HandPan enthusiasts.

Held within the grounds of the ‘Atelier dell ‘Arte’, a beautiful retreat built upon an old Saxon farm. Hang uut, is, at time of writing, a fairly intimate affair, able to accommodate only around twenty players, or so. But as has been seen with both HangOut UK, and HandPangea, slowly, but surely, these things have a habit of growing.

Historically held at some point over the summer months, usually between May, and July (with the 2012 Hang uut being held towards the beginning of June), and over the course of three days. If you’re interested in securing your place, and joining in the fun. You can find more information about the Hang uut: HERE
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