Spyros Pan - Omega - A Journey in HandPan Sounds

If I were ever to find myself sat cross-legged by the side of a babbling brook, in a peaceful forest setting, at the foot of a mist covered mountain, in some exotic land, with eyes closed in meditation, trying to reach enlightenment. This is the music that (In my opinion) I’d be most likely to reach enlightenment to.

I used to do a lot of drugs, and like every seasoned junkie knows, there are good drugs, and there are bad drugs. Some will merely ‘do the job’, while others will send you soaring. And it’s the same with HandPan music. And sticking with that analogy, ‘Omega’, by ‘Spyros Pan’, is ‘quality gear’. Relaxing, like some kind of high-grade horse tranquiliser (until you stumble into ‘Polyphemus Cave’, that is, which just when you think you’re going to be walking on clouds the whole journey, comes at you like a Great.White shark, and is possibly the most intense HandPan track I’ve yet to hear - loved it). Omega, leads you gently by the hand in one direction, before dragging you a little more harshly in another.

Featuring 14 tracks, Omega, is as polished as it is varied. And features two Pantheon Steel Halo, a BEllArt BElls, possibly Hanghang (though I’m not 100% sure about that) - often played two, or three at a time (in addition to vocals, theremin, and other compositional elements). Recorded at Unreal Studioz, in Athens, Greece (even featuring one track played by ‘Hyades’, the rain nymphs of Greek mythology). Omega is, overall, an incredibly melodic album, especially in comparison to some of the more percussive’ly heavy HandPan albums I’ve listened to recently. And it leaves me with no qualms what-so-ever in labelling Omega, by Spyros Pan, as HandPan music at its most relaxing, and introspective best! I thoroughly enjoyed the listen... And suspect that this album is going to receive regular play time, both at home, and while out and about on my MP3 player, for some time to come.

You can listen to, and purchase Omega, over at the Spyros Pan Bandcamp page: HERE.

And/or visit Spyros Pan over at his website: HERE, or subscribe to his YouTube channel: HERE (for even more HandPan goodness).
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