Dr Levi Harrison’s Finger Stretching Exercises - Become A HandPan Playing CHAMPION

Finger-stretching Exercises
In recent times we’ve noticed a number of posts around the interwebs from Handpan players suffering from Hand-pains.  Often from extended-playing.  Performing any particular task repetitively for long periods of time presumably comes with its own risks, and playing Handpan is seemingly no different. Especially if, as some street performers might, you’re playing for periods of 4-5 hours (upwards).

If you were to say to us, “Hey, no pain, no gain…”, you’d find us in agreement.  But even the great Rocky Balboa warmed-up.  And just as Rocky had Mickey Goldmill, we present to you, Dr Levi Harrison, Orthopedic Surgeon, and his hand, finger, and joint stretches - near-guaranteed to bring out your inner Handpan-playing CHAMPION. Primarily intended it seems for Gamers, but - hands-be-hands. And should you find yourself suffering from ill-digits, perhaps this is something that could help to lessen future discomfort...

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