Are the Winners of Pantheon Steel's Past eBay Auctions the Real Losers, in the "New" Used-HandPan Market?

When a used Halo popped up for sale at eBay yesterday, at the price of $8000 - we knew it wouldn’t be long before the amount being asked came into question (see below)...

If it were nearly any other make of Handpan being offered for sale at near-three times what they are currently being sold for, it would be easy to write it off as "Chancing it", or "Greed", if you prefer.  However, when it comes to the Halo instruments of Pantheon Steel, things are not quite so clear-cut in the secondhand market.

While recently Pantheon Steel have been selling their Handpan for around the $3000 mark, flash-sale style when available, via their web-store.  Starting in 2011 Pantheon Steel began to hold near-monthly auctions via eBay, and as recently as eighteen months ago, Halo were selling via Pantheon's eBay store for as much as $15,000.  So that while when a used Halo pops up for sale with a "large" price-tag attached it could be very easy to point the greed-finger - it could just as easily be a past Halo auction winner simply attempting to recoup the amount that they themselves paid (something that has historically been fairly easy to do with a used Handpan)..

December, 2015
Pantheon Steel's eBay auctions ran near-monthly between 2011-2015, and while the highest price reached was $15,000.  Prices of $8000+ were fairly common.  And seemingly prices as high as $10,000 were also paid for Halo via Pantheon Steel's annual silent-auction style lottery system (how many we don't know).

Mid-2015, in correlation with a large increase in the number of known Handpan makers, we noticed that the prices reached for Pantheon's monthly eBay offerings had dipped significantly.  Meaning that while if you paid an extra-pretty-penny for your Halo via eBay auction, are fully content, and have no intentions of ever parting with it - you wouldn't catch us referring to you as a "Loser" - they're beautiful instruments - and you can't take your money with you. But from a purely financial perspective, attempting to recoup anywhere near some of the prices paid for Halo at eBay (or lottery) just a couple of years ago, in the current secondhand marketplace, could prove to be something of a struggle.

Pantheon Steel's Official (no longer monthly) March, 2016 offering...

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