The Tielldrum - A Kalimba-Like UFO Drum

A few days ago we took a look at the Hudeel, a Handpan-esque steel Udu drum, as part of our imagined Handpan-orchestra.  But an orchestra needs more instruments.  Sure, we could add in some Bass Halo from Pantheon Steel, on the deep-end.  But to reach those particularly twinkly places, we might consider the Tielldrum, a Kalimba-like singing-UFO, with a strange wibbly-wobbly quality to it..

Interestingly these have been around since 2014, and this is the first time we’ve seen one. Rammerdrum were around for a few years before that making classic-type steel tongue drum, but at some point in-between then, and now, they snuck the Tielldrum into their arsenal under our radar.  And now that we know about it, we’re claiming it as a contender, for our fantasy Handpan-centric-ensemble…

Find more information over at Rammerdrum's website: HERE Or find them at Facebook: HERE

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