The Oktava Mk 12 Microphone - More Handpan Recording Samples

With the Oktava Mk 12 being one of the microphones awarded special commendation by Handpan musician, David Kuckhermann, in his recent Microphone comparison video - with this post we’ll be presenting a little more video footage from over at YouTube, of various Handpan recorded using them.

The following video from George Gain's YouTube channel titled, “Oktava MK-012 Pair TEST” tests a number of singing-steel instruments against a pair of the Mk 12s.  Including Hapi Drum, RAV Drum, and an Overtone Handpan.  While for extra good measure also demos a whole bunch of other instruments too. To provide a solid look into how the Oktava holds up, against pretty much anything that you might choose to throw at it.

While the following videos offer further example of how the Oktava Mk 12 sounds in use by Handpan musicians around the world.

Jean-Matthieu Bourgeot presents his Meraki Kurd9 Handpan recorded using a pair of Oktava MK-012 plugged into a ZOOM H4N

An official video from Ayasa Handpans pits a pair of Oktava against an Ayasa Adiyuga - E Kumo...

While YouTube user, djimbej, demos a Saraz F# Minor 9, again using two Oktava MK012's...

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