Microphone Comparison for HandPan - with David Kuckhermann

Handpan have always had a bit of a reputation for beings instruments with a sound that is difficult to capture fully with microphones.  Whether for recording, or live-performance, the Handpans intricate, yet delicate sound can really test equipment, that might work just fine for other instruments, and situations.  And in the words of one professional live-sound technician who has been working with Hang-legend, Manu Delago, and other Handpan performers for over seven years: ‘Lovely sounding things, but they're an absolute s**t to mic up in a live setting for a large audience...’

Enter David Kuckhermann

One-half of the team responsible for having produced YouTube’s most popular Handpan comparison video, and a popular series of Handpan tutorial DVDs - David Kuckhermann, is also a familiar Handpan festival favourite, travelling and performing all over the world. So if you’re looking for a little insight into possible microphone set-ups for your own performance, or recording needs, David Kuckhermann is a man more than qualified to give some pointers.  

Which he does, in his third YouTube Handpan Vlog offering, ‘Microphone Comparison’, in which he test runs two different Handpan against fifteen different mics.  Before sharing with us his personal favourites of the bunch…

The Results

At the budget (though do be warned that this is not low-end gear, and that prices reflect that) end David gives honourable mentions to the Oktava Mk12 Stereo Pair, combined with the Recording Tools MC-700 to complete the sound.  While the microphones that win out for David Kuckhermann overall, in terms of capturing the fullest possible handpan flavour, are the Schoeps CMC-64 Stereo Set, combined with the Royer Labs R-121.  

You can find David Kuckhermann over at YouTube, Facebook, or via his Website.  

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