Improvisation JB Handpan - HandPan Tube’s Most Popular - May, 2016

HandPan Tube’s most popular video of May, 2016, came in the form of the following improvisational piece on a Handpan made by Jan Borren, performed by YouTube user, Inner Music.

It’s a nicely played melodic piece, with a strong poignant quality to it.  And the JB Handpan sings sweetly.  Cards on the table, we actually know very little about either Inner Music, the artist, with this being the very first video we have thus far stumbled across of theirs. Or even “JB Handpan” themselves, with this Netherlands-based “brand” being one that has successfully stayed pretty-much off radar for most of its development, with, until recently, there being little in the way of YouTube exposure.  And, seemingly intentionally, no particular name to lock-in on. Other than the increasingly frequent web-chatter of late referencing the name, "Jan Borren".

‘...I like how it is now, no name no logo.  Would be nice if people who own an instrument of mine say 'it's a pan from Jan' making it more personal…’ - from the Jan’s Pannen Facebook Page.

So, without further ado, you can take a listen below…

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