HandPan Rope Decorations - from Zen-Percussion

A short post to highlight the handwoven Handpan rope decorations currently being offered for sale by Zen-Percussion - the guys behind the GUDA drum.  We know from our reading around the internet that these things certainly have their admirers, and if you too are on the look-out for a way to jazz-up the appearance of your Handpan, without risking measures such as painting your instrument, which is not widely believed to be the best of ideas, than one of these ornate craft-made rope-edgings, could be just what you’ve been looking for.

While these (according to their website) come by default with their GUDA drum range of steel tongue drum, and the OMana make of Handpan - they also offer them for sale for any make of Handpan - you just need send them the dimensions, and they’ll put you one together custom-style.

And beyond any aesthetic pleasure you might glean from the addition of a rope-skirt to your Handpan, these could also have practical uses.  The rim of a Handpan is not always the most comfortable of things when it’s digging into your belly, and the rims on some Handpan can even be quite sharp/jagged.  Problems, that could potentially be soothed or solved with the addition of one of these nifty little Jute-made Handpan adornments…

Find them for sale over at ETSY: HERE

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