How to Play the HandPan Lessons on DVD - ‘HandPans and Sound Sculptures’

While Colin Foulke, and David Kuckhermann (the makers of the featured DVD) do their best to avoid this posts title phrases, ‘How to Play’, and ‘Lessons’, due to the intuitive, internally reflective, individual nature of play, that is generally considered to be the ‘way to go’, when playing Hang, or HandPan - that’s essentially what this is. An instructional DVD, designed to improve your play. And as far as we’re concerned, that’s not a bad thing.
Because having already learned a few tips, and tricks from watching Colin, and David’s online YouTube vids in the past, personally, I’m of the opinion that learning technique from those more experienced (or perhaps just with a different style of play), taking it, and making it your own, can only add to your experience, skill, and depth of sound.

Essentially, if you’re the kind of pan player who’s content to lock yourself away in that quiet room and ding-ding-ding the same three notes over and over gently with no rhythm or rhyme, until you reach some kind of repetition-induced spiritual enlightenment (and there really is nothing wrong with that, regardless of how patronizing that sounded), this DVD may not be for you. But if you’re looking to mix-it up a little, learn some new chops, and ultimately, improve your game. ‘HandPan and Sound Sculptures’, is a must add to your wish list.

With three hours (plus) of awesome HandPan tips, and trickery. Starting with the basics, and then guiding you through rhythms, chords, and harmonic progressions (and beyond). In addition to featuring solo performances from both Colin, and David. HandPans and Sound Sculptures can be purchased for the price of $42 (at time of writing) from the website: HERE  Go get some skills!

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