Halo Helmet - Protection for your Pantheon Steel Halo

Recently finding out that the Halo was not compatible (too big) with the eagerly awaited POLYCASE (from HardcaseTechnologies), was a bit of a blow for those who had been seeking an increased degree of protection for their beloved Halo, than the standard Pantheon Steel soft backpack is able to offer. But, always listening to, and acting upon the needs of their customers, as they do - Pantheon Steel have designed, and made available to their customers, a Halo protection solution of their own, in the form of the ‘Halo Helmet’.

The Halo Helmet consists of upto two protective steel shells that envelope the Pantheon Halo snuggly, forming a near impenetrable layer between your HandPan, and anything that would seek to cause it damage. Available as either just the top-shell, designed to protect the ding, and tone-fields, etc. (arguably the most important side of any HandPan), which comes recommended for all Halo owners. And additionally, a bottom-shell is offered with which the top-shell can be paired to offer complete protection of the Halo. An option that will be of more interest to those who enjoy travelling with their Halo in tow.

Slotting comfortably inside the standard Halo backpack, with Halo inside, the Halo Helmet effectively transforms the Pantheon Steel Soft-bag into an armored flight-case solution that, while not particularly cheap at $149.95 per shell ($300 the set), does, when compared with the cost of attempting to replace a damaged beyond-repair Halo, or the re-tuning/shipping costs (especially for those outside of the States), of repairing a damaged Halo, offer a relatively cost-effective means of avoiding such a nightmare (and the costs that go with it).

For more information, and/or to purchase a Halo Helmet, you can visit the Pantheon Steel web-store: HERE.
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