POLYCASE - A Hang / HandPan Flight Case and BackPack

Eagerly awaited by many, the ‘Polycase’, by ‘Hardcase Technologies’, is an all-in-one handmade HandPan specific flight-case, and backpack. That, judging by some of the uploaded test videos, is all but guaranteed to protect your Hang, or HandPan, while on the move, from all reasonable perceived threats to your HandPan's health.

PANArt Hang, and HandPan can be VERY expensive ‘instruments’ (as you’re probably aware). But more than that, with the limited availability of certain pans, combined with the different generations, and different scales of past, and present, they can also prove to be irreplaceable (there are at least a handful of one-of-a-kind Hang, and Halo in existence that truly would be irreplaceable - should they become damaged beyond repair).

Made from ‘Polycarbonates’ (a group of thermoplastic polymers that are particularly strong in temperature, and impact resistance), the Polycase, has an internal circumference of 193cm, a height of 30cm, weighs in at 4.0 KG, features an internal absorbing system (i.e. padding) made from high density foam, and is compatible with most (but not all) of the current main names in HandPan (the Pantheon Steel Halo seems to be the most notable exception at time of writing).

Endorsed by Davide Swarup (well known globe-trotting Hang musician) - who stated via FaceBook that he was very happy to put his name to the product (being among the first to receive a Polycase himself). The Polycase sells for the price of 329 Euros (or 249 if you’re quick and buy one at the ‘early bird’ promotional rate). Oh, and it looks awesome too - like a tribal turtle shell!

You can find more information, and/or purchase a Polycase from the Hardcase Technologies website: HERE. Or to watch more videos of the Polycase taking a beating, you can visit their YouTube channel: HERE.

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