The Electro-Hang Project - HandPan Electronico

While not speaking Spanish, it’s difficult to get to the details of the project (even using Google translator), the concept is understandable in any language - 'Create an electronic Hang'. 

And there have been other attempts with devices like the ‘Dome Control’, and the creation of sound models for devices like the ‘Korg Wavedrum’, each bringing with it its own strengths and weaknesses, when compared to an acoustic HandPan. And each, possibly, taking us a little closer; to a passable electric HandPan.

At the time of writing the Electro Hang is in its early days (design wise at least), but putting aside aesthetics
, in essence, it’s all in place and ready to go. A circular pattern of pads, and sensors, convert touch into sound via a USB link-up to a computer hosting ‘Hang drum’ samples (presumably those by SonicCouture). Job done! For starters...

Which is pretty much where we find ourselves now (at time fo writing) following the Electro Hang project. With a version one workable electronic Hang prototype. With version two (on the cards), promising numerous refinements. 

To check out the Electro Hang project, follow its progress, or perhaps, even learn how to make one for yourself, you can visit the Electro Hang webpage: HERE.
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