Harmonic Hearts - Vibrations for the Soul

While the use of custom shells has brought some interesting developments to the world of steel tongue drums, since Dennis Havlena first brought the Hang inspired Hank to the world. There’s still something very pure in the idea of taking something as seemingly mundane as a discarded propane gas tank, and turning it into something truly beautiful.

Enter the ‘Harmonic Hearts’.

Gorgeous sound sculptures, and unique one-of-a-kind audio art. These Hank drum really are stunning. Both in look, and in sound. And if you’re in any way familiar with the ‘TerraTonz’
made, ‘TerraTonguez’, you won’t be surprised to find out that Harmonic Hearts are made by former TerraTonz man, ‘Danny Sorensen’. Who is now treading a different path, creating his Harmonic Hearts range of Hank drum from recycled propane tanks. With each being, (as Danny Sorensen himself puts it) “Perfect in its imperfections”.

From the mystical Om with its deep meditative tones, to the ever-expanding trance-inducing Galaxy, each with its signature wooden plug, Harmonic Hearts can, at time of writing, be purchased (or adopted) by visiting the Harmonic Hearts Facebook page: HERE. Where you can also find more information, and keep up to date with future developments.
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