Starseeds Steel Tongue Drums - “They Came From Outer Space!”

Some of you will know that while the word ‘HandPan” has now been widely adopted as the descriptive name for Hang, and ‘Hang-inspired’ instruments, PANArt themselves prefer to refer to their own creation as a ‘sound sculpture’. And while the Hang-inspired instrument group known generally as either ‘Hank drums’, or ‘Steel Tongue Drums’, (especially those made from propane gas tanks) have taken on a fairly uniform style since their creation, the ‘Starseeds’ steel tongue drum range (initially known as 'TerraTonguez'), created by ‘TerraTonz’, a collective of artists, musicians, and tuners, for me, very much step away from being a purely functional tool for creating music, and back into the grounds of being unique, and beautiful, sound sculptures in their own right.

“In sound and structure, each Starseed tells a story which simultaneously reflects the hearts of its makers, the spirit of its player and the energy of the ever-shifting world we share.” states the TerraTonz website, and it’s not hard to see that this is true. With each Starseeds drum having its own unique personal name, finish and scale.

Led by ‘C.Panman’, the TerraTonz collective are based in Northwest Georgia, and their aim is to bring the positive vibrations of their instruments to as many people as possible, at a reasonable price. And in addition to their beautiful Starseeds (the ‘Vortex Nebula’ of which is now very near the top of my Christmas wish list), TerraTonz also produce their own HandPans (currently known as the 'UFO HandPan).

For more information, to stare longingly at these magnificent-looking sound sculptures, or perhaps most importantly, to hear them sing, visit the TerraTonz website: HERE.
Or alternatively, connect with TerraTonz via their Facebook page, or via their YouTube channel.
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