The Easytone PAN - A Meditation HandPan?

[UPDATE] This page can now be considered an historical reference.  A few 'Easytone' HandPan appeared during 2011.  But there was very little information, and while I can't say with 100% certainty, it is my personal belief that Easytone HandPan were actually SunPan, re-named by a YouTube re-seller.

[Original Post - now outdated]

With little more than a single lone YouTube video to go on at time of writing, there is very little to tell about the ‘Easytone PAN’.

What we do know:

* The Easytone PAN appears to be a new HandPan/Hang-inspired instrument.
* It’s sounding good.
* The Easytone PAN video was uploaded by YouTube user ‘Meditationtone’.
* Like the Caisa, and the SunPAN, the Easytone PAN appears to be made in Germany.
* The uploader of the video appears to be selling ‘meditation pans’ that they make, suggesting that they may (or may in the future) also be selling Easytone PANS as well.
* On the users video entitled ‘Meditations Pan for Sale’, in the description we find the message: “Don't hesitate to ask us. “

* [EDIT] The seller now seems to be offering at least two types of HandPan for sale, the Easytone pan (as seen in the video), and a more 'refined', Hang-style HandPan called the 'Pan Harp'.

And currently, that’s about it.

As always, if you're interested in following this, to see if it develops to fruition, the best thing to do is to subscribe to the users YouTube channel. Which you can do: HERE.

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