Marco Selvaggio - Hang / HandPan Artist

Earlier this evening I received via e-mail a tip-off, alerting me to the work, and world of ‘Marco Selvaggio’. The Italian Hang/HandPan musician, video artist, performer, and more.

And so with nothing much on the television, I decided to go and check him out. And I have to say, I’m glad I did...

Becuase while rogue FBI agents fought mock battles across my television screen, living out the same tired , and repetitive scripts I’d seen a million times before. Just a click away, thanks to the magic of the Internet, hid the kind of audial, and visual extravaganza, that quickly made me forget all about the American agents, and their so far fruitless mission to apprehend a mad subway bomber.

A true HandPan player in its purest form, Marco Selvaggio, plays the Hang, Halo, Bells, and Caisa, embracing both the similarities, and the differences of each. And in addition to playing concerts all over Europe, Marco Selvaggio has, recently, been working on a new, and inspiring video project. That combining a wide variety of interests, and media, sets out to create an experience that is as much a treat for the eyes, as it is for the ears.

From the calm, and translucent ‘Painting My World’, to the spiritual, and journey-esq ‘Soul Sea’, (both of which I could happily stick on repeat on my MP3 player and drift away to). Through to an awe inspiring live performance at the Teatro Massimo Bellini, the theatrical '
Maschera di Cenere', and some phat, eclectic, House / Hang mashups. Marco Selvaggio, shows signs of something special. 

Watch the inlcuded videos, and enjoy. And if they leave you wanting more, you can check out Marco Selvaggio's 2010 released album: ‘Into the Ocean’: 
HERE. Which to my mind, is the perfect accompaniment to a sunny summers day, or indeed, the perfect audio pick-me-up, to fend off the miseries of the coldest winter blues. 
Or alternatively, you can connect with Marco Selvaggio over at Facebook: HERE. Or Subscribe to his YouTube channel: HERE.  To
 keep up to date with his latest projects.
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