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The problem of where to get your PANArt Hang tuned has long been an issue for those who bought theirs within the secondhand market (should they have paid more than the original purchase price), with PANArt having declared years back now, that they would refuse to re-tune any such Hanghang. But recently, with PANArt having now also stated that they would no longer be offering a retuning service for ANY of their creations (at time of writing), this has now become a bigger problem for all Hanghang owners, including now even for those who had previously adhered to all of PANArts guidelines, than ever before.

Which is why, the featured video in this post, will be of great interest to Hanghang owners worldwide (and particularly for those close to, or within Germany). Due to the service it demonstrates, as a way, and potential place, where those whose Hang are now sounding a little worse for ware, can bring them back to the way they were meant to sound (or as close as can be achieved without the aid of PANArt themselves).

ECS Steel Drums

Based in Germany, ECS Steel Drums have been retuning the Hang of those unable to have them retuned by PANArt for a while now. And it seems as if practise, has as it usually does, paid off for them. With several reports stating that not only do Hang retuned by ECS Steel drums sound far better than when submitted to them in their detuned state, but additionally, some have even claimed that when their Hang have been returned to them by ECS, they’ve sung even more beautifully than when they were originally purchased brand new.  

Which when combined with evidence of Caisa Bill retuning a Disco Armonico, and Kyle of Pantheon Steel working his magic on a Bali Steel Pan, both to levels superior to their original state. Means that the generally accepted belief that sending your HandPan back to the original maker for re-tuning, as always being the best thing to do, may not always hold true.

Something that is not only of interest to Hanghang owners, but also to HandPan owners in general, where, for a variety of reasons, not least of which is shipping costs, having a skilled, and competent tuner, a little nearer to hand, could prove incredibly useful.

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