Bass Halo HandPan - from Pantheon Steel

Officially unveiled at Hanpangea 2013, were these rather interesting ‘Bass Halo’, from Pantheon Steel.  With a single tuned note per side, in a much lower register than can be achieved on a standard Halo, these Bass HandPan are pretty revolutionary in terms of the new depths of sound they’re capable of bringing to the world of HandPan music.

To get some idea of what I’m talking about, check out the video of Kyle Cox (the Halo maker) using a number of these Bass Halo, in a rig, complete with foot pedals, to see how this kind of set-up could elevate HandPan music to a whole other level.  Or imagine the possibilities for collaborative play.

The downside of this being, that while a few of these bass Halo do seem to have found their way out into the wider HandPan community, with Pantheon Steel known to be aiming to produce somewhere between only 100-200 Halo in 2013, and with the massive demand that exists for pretty much anything that leaves their workshop, even if these 1-2 note bad-boys are quicker to produce than a standard Halo, chances of getting your hands on one, are presumably, slim.  Even if these are to be offered commercially, rather than being simply concept pieces.
However, with that said, it wasn’t so long ago (at time of writing) that getting your hands on any ‘Hang-inspired’ instrument, made for a considerable challenge.  So that while Pantheon Steel may have led the charge with regard to this form of bass HandPan, no doubt, if the demand is there, other makers will soon follow in fashion.  Either with exact copies, or with their own variations...
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