Buying a HandPan - Import Duty and Taxes

With (at time of writing) many HandPan fans being unable to purchase an instrument from a native maker, often, it is necessary to import your chosen HandPan from abroad. When doing so, it's always wise to at least attempt to calculate import duties and taxes prior to purchase - not just because these charges can be sizeable, but also because it helps you calculate the total ‘real’ price of any given pan, when comparing your options.

For example: a Bali Steel HandPan purchased at a cost of €974 (approx $1200) direct from the makers in Bali, imported into Austria, would accrue (unless you get lucky) an additional €232 (approx $310) in duty and taxes (3.2% import duty rate, and 20% VAT).  Bringing the total price to around €1200 ($1500).

A Symphonette HandPan bought from Dave’s Island Instruments in the States for around £765 ($1200), imported to the UK,
would accrue an additional £213 ($333) in import duty and taxes. Bringing the total price up to around £1000 ($1550) - again, with a 3.2% import duty rate, and 20% VAT.

Import duty and tax rates can vary significantly per country.  Importing the Bali Steel Handpan from the first example, into Vietnam, would incur an Import Duty of 3%, and taxes of 10%, while importing the very same Bali into Egypt would incur duties of 30%, and tax at 10%.

To figure out the duty and tax (and possible additional charges) you might face when importing a HandPan into your country, you might find the following website of use: DUTY CALCULATOR

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