Vision KUNDA - A Stringed Handpan Instrument

Over the last six years of writing this blog we imagine that more than one post has begun with “just when you thought you’d seen it all...”

However, as frequently as we might start to believe that we have.  We are always proven wrong.

Vision KUNDA - A Stringed Handpan Instrument

While the original Hang-makers have experimented in recent times with stringed Pang-instruments.  And other makers such as Aciel’s, Micheal Colley, have experimented with the concept the of the stringed-Handpan.  The newly annouced KUNDA, from Italian Handpan makers, Vision Instruments, approaches the concept very much in its own way.  Utilising the Handpan’s natural reverberating cavity in the same manner as an acoustic guitar.  Presenting some really interesting possibilities - particularly for vertical play.

Described as being ‘A Handpan based instrument with strong resonances between strings and Handpan tonefields’, despite the instrument names unfortunate Czech translation (Google at your own risk), we’re liking the early sounds of the KUNDA a lot.  And look forward to hearing them make their way into the hands of players

>> Seek further information at the Vision Instruments website: HERE

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