The Bali Steel Pan - 2016 Model

Old-style Bali (left), 2016-model Bali (right)
The Bali Steel Pan was among the first “Hang alternatives” we learned of here at HPM, back in 2010. And alongside the Halo, the BElls, the Spacedrum, and the Caisa, these Bali-made Handpan were among the first makes to hit the market, in the wake of the success of the PANArt Hang.

Initially, back when there were very few alternatives, the Bali Steel Pan received its fair share of love.  But as more and more options have made themselves available, love for the Bali, in its original form, has seemingly waned somewhat. And the instruments have often been criticised of showing little-to-no-improvement, despite the growing number of passing years the Bali guys have been accumulating as makers.

The Bali Steel Pan - 2016 Model

As it turns out though, the Bali-makers have not been sat quite so idly on their thumbs, as some might have believed.  And with the recent announcement of their all new 2016 model Bali, we can now take a first look at what promises to be a considerably different beast...

What's New?

* It is made from thicker steel and not the bottom of an oil barrel.
* Not painted.
* Oval dimples.
* Smaller size (about 22 inches wide).
* New metal hardening process.
* The promise of increased sustain, and stronger harmonics.

You can find the latest generation of Bali Steel Pan for sale via the official ETSY store: HERE, or find more information on the 2016 model Bali Steel Pan over at their website: HERE
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