Celebrating World UFO Day, 2016 - HandPan-Style

With the Handpan’s shape being strongly reminiscent of the classic “Flying Saucer” type of UFO, it seems only right that we join hand-in-hand with our sky-watching-brethren, to celebrate “World UFO Day”, this July the 2nd, 2016.

World UFO Day is intended to raise awareness of “the undoubted existence of UFOs”, and to encourage governments to declassify their files on UFO sightings.  And the date July the 2nd, commemorates the supposed UFO crash in the 1947 Roswell Incident.

However, here at HPM, to celebrate World UFO Day - Handpan-style - we’re going to take a look at the five "most watched" Handpan videos over at YouTube, from over the last twelve months.

Sam Maher - New York Handpan 02

With 35,470 views, Sam Maher, comes in as fifth most viewed, featured at the “BUSKRS” YouTube channel.  Sam Maher is one of those Handpan musicians who sneaks off radar from time-to-time, and then pops up again, to remind you of exactly why it is that you remember his name…

1 HOUR Handpan \ Hang drum \ Pantam relaxing Solo Chilout

2, 3, 4 minutes of Handpan music not enough for you in one sitting?  You’re not alone.  With 39,949 views, coming in as the fourth most viewed Handpan video of the last twelve months, is, Ariel Hillel, and his near-hour-long meditative soundscape…

Gevurah - Tzevaot Handpan (Official Music Video)

Coming in as third most viewed with 47,869 hits is, “Gevurah”, by U.S. Handpan producers, Tzevaot.  A cinematic-feast featuring Tzevaot man, Teddy Amkie, shrouded in flames, performing on a Tzevaot Aeolian scale handpan...

Bello Banff - A Time Lapse HandPan Video - Daniel Waples [HD]

Facebook’s most followed, and arguably the most recognisable man in Handpan-music, Daniel Waples, comes in as the second most viewed on our list, at 145,177 views. With his blissfully-serene Hobbit-esque time-lapse offering....

Sam Maher - New York Handpan 01

If you loved our first featured video above, showcasing the Handpan-talents of Sam Maher, you’ll be happy to find that its accompanying performance from over at the BUSKRS YouTube channel, at 187,385 views, ranks as thee most watched Handpan YouTube video of the last twelve months.  And we think that you’ll agree, that while "number of views" is not always, and automatically, a metric of quality, Sam Maher’s performance below is as fine a Handpan performance, as you could ever hope to witness...


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