Vertical-Style HandPan Play

So today I have been trying something new, something that some of you will have tried, some of you will have ‘perfected’, and something that those of you yet to find your HandPan, will no doubt try at some point, when HandPan finally meets lap.

I’d seen it before, but it was after listening to some excellent usage of the technique in the songs of Simon Wood, that finally inspired me to give it a serious try myself. And what I’m talking about is ‘vertical-style’. A style of play that some say transforms the HandPan from one instrument into two. But it could equally be said to be a style that utilizes just the one instrument, but that utilizes it as a whole.

It has to be said, for me at least, after some attempt, that it’s not as easy as the guys in the attached videos make it look. But hey, “nobody ever said that it was gonna be easy!” And as a player who doesn’t feel like a natural on the HandPan, but who intends with persistence to achieve level ten awesomeness ninja skills at some point in the hopefully not too distant future. I know vertical-style, is something that with (lots) of practice, I’m going to need to master.
Thoughts on Playing Vertical-Style:
* Feels like an increased chance of damaging your HandPan, with it balanced on its side (go careful).
* Opens up the bottom, but (for me) limits access to many of the top notes.
* Sounds better (imo) on HandPan with a tuned GU (or Gu-like opening).
* Sounds AMAZING when done well.
Anyways, this post is not intended to teach you how to play vertical-style HandPan (though watching the embedded videos over and over, certainly isn't going to hurt). But is instead intended to open your eyes to an alternative style of play. Should you have previously not been aware of it.
Have fun. :)

[NOTE] Colin Foulke's DVD 'Intermediate to Advanced HandPan Techniques', gives excellent instruction in the style of Vertical Play, More info here.
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