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If you’ve been searching for an official PANArt website, in order to find out more information about the Hang (or ‘Hang Drum’), you may have come across the archived version of the website PANArt ran back in the early 2000’s. But other than that, you’ll have found that PANArt do not (at time of writing) operate a website. And it seems unlikely that they ever will again. However, while PANArt themselves do not operate a website, there is a blog author operating seemingly by proxy, on their behalf. Like a PANArt Metatron. And it’s the closest you’ll get to hearing directly from the Hang makers themselves online. 

Meet the HangBlog

Personally, I do not ‘resonate’ with the blogs author (Micheal Paschko), who while being knowledgeable in all things Hang, is a man who appears to spend the majority of his time lurking the internet ‘advising’ unsuspecting HandPan musicians  and internet users alike, of exactly how they’re not playing / referring to / etc. the Hang in the ‘correct way’.  And nor am I in tune with his generally negative point-of-view aimed towards all HandPan other than those made by PANArt.  And additionally believe it wise to be aware that the HangBlog author has very close ties with PANArt, in addition to being, or having been within their gainful employment - if seeking unbiased advice, or opinions on HandPan other than the Hang.  

But, with that said, the blog itself, as an authoritative container for Hang based treasures not found elsewhere, primarily in the form of official announcements, and newsletters released by PANArt, and passed directly to HangBlog for publication - make the HangBlog an essential online destination for those enchanted by the PANArt Hang, looking for more information. 

Visit: HangBlog

* In addition to HangBlog, Micheal Paschko also operates the HangHang.info website. And the main PANArt dedicated Facebook group.  Other useful (though arguably biased) sources of information, for Hang/HandPan addicts to peruse.
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