Two New Online Handpan Schools - Paid Handpan Tutorials

A good number of people reaching this website, do so in search of Handpan lessons, and tutorials.  And while we frequently share videos of that nature that pop-up on YouTube, and have in the past made note of tutorial DVDs, and SKYPE lessons.  A recent addition to the Handpan world, for those seeking instruction for improving their skills, comes in the form of the online Handpan school, or course.  Two of which you can find information on below.

Master the Handpan - by David Charrier is the brain-child of popular Handpan musician, David Charrier.  And judging by Facebook chatter and the like, the website has already proven to be popular with new and seasoned Handpan musicians alike.  David Charrier was among the first wave of Hang musicians to gain real YouTube popularity as one-half of the Hang-playing duo, Keona, back when the instrument type really was something new.  Placing him among the most seasoned Handpan performers in the scene.  And with his Master the Handpan website offering video tutorials from beginner exercises, through to those more complex - if you’re looking for something considerably more structured than what you are likely to find on Youtube for free, with an instructor who has both performed, and taught, all over the world, this is something that you’ll definitely want to take a look at.  And that’s not even mentioning the custom-created (we presume) notation-type visual display that accompanies each tutorial, that teaches you exactly what is being played, and how. that we found to be be pretty effective...

Play Pantam - by Ortal Pelleg

While thanks to David Charrier’s firm grasp of promotion, plus some great user feedback, has quickly become the Handpan course currently in the limelight, around the same time the above online resource was announced, another seasoned Handpan musician also launched a similar online Handpan school.  In the form of

Put together by Handpan musician, Ortal Pelleg, and utilising the name that was commonly used for the Instrument type during the early years of the Hang, in Israel, “Pantam”, is another fee-based resource comprised of video Handpan tutorials.  And while was released with very little in the way of promotion, and lacks some of the polish of David Charrier’s tutorials, price wise, with a base price of $14.99, compared to the $129 fee charged for accessing,, particularly if you’re looking for some budget-minded Handpan instruction, might be something that you’ll want to go take a look at...

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