How to Clean your Handpan

South Africa based Handpan-makers, PAN INC, recently made a post to their Facebook wall stating: ‘Did you know, it's very important to clean your pan regularly? - A dirty pan will cause rust, which will effect the sound of your pan..’.  Which coincides nicely with a useful instructional video on the subject by YouTube user Mark D’Ambrosio, which you can watch and learn from below.  

Because while the majority of Handpan owners at this point are probably aware of the importance of protecting their instruments from rust by applying some form of anti-corrosion treatment from time-to-time, if you’re a little bit on the lazy side like us here at HPM, the importance of giving your Handpan a full and decent scrub-down periodically, might be one of those things that you choose to overlook (or perhaps were genuinely unaware of)…

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