FuturePoi - Smart Poi by MoodHoops

While this website is primarily dedicated to the world of Handpan, from time-to-time, we’ll use the tenuous connection of Handpan music being featured in a video to post about something a little more diverse, as we have in the past on such topics as rock-balancing, and intuitive painting.  And while the following video we stumbled across yesterday at YouTube is fairly short, if like us, you’re the kind of person who could happily spend an entire evening staring at the ever-changing visage conjured up by the illuminated bubbling mass of a lava-lamp, perhaps you too will find fascination with the “”Visual Hang Drum” demonstration of LindzeePoi, created using a new technological take on the classic art of Poi, using a device known as FuturePoi

It is likely that many of our visitors will be familiar with Poi, a performance art that involves swinging tethered weights through a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns.  But FuturePoi, really does add a new dimension to the art-form, utilising LED to generate psychedelic visualizations and detailed images in full blown color.

And if proof were needed that the sounds of the Handpan, and FuturePoi, go hand-in-hand, we did not have to click through many related videos to find yet another FuturePoi’ster, demonstrating their skills (and devices) to the sounds of singing-steel (though this time featuring a similar device named "Visual Poi")...

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