Two New Handpan Specific Anti-Corrosion Treatments Hit the Market

While the U.S. produced “FrogLube”, and the Germany-made “Ballistol”, have arguably earned themselves the reputation of being the two most tried-and-tested general-purpose anti-corrosion treatments to have been adopted by Handpan musicians looking to protect their beloved instruments - recent months have seen several new “Handpan-specific” anti-rust offerings hit the market, in the form of the currently community-embraced, “Phoenix Handpan Oil”, and the even more recently announced, “Antiox SD”.  

Phoenix Handpan Oil

The first product from the guys going by the name of “Phoenix Handpan Care”, Phoenix Handpan Oil has caught a fair amount of chatter in the months following its release.  And already there are a number of positive reviews to be found online, and Handpan performers of note backing the product.  

And while some of this early championing could be down to networking, and the core Handpan community taking care of its own. With the couple behind Phoenix Handpan Oil both being players themselves, they are obviously well-positioned to know what makes for a good Handpan care product.

And in terms of cost, the price point is competitive, particularly if you’re not keen (as some aren’t) on the slightly-stinky (but cheaper than FrogLube here in Europe) Ballistol.  So if you fancy giving a new product that has been designed specifically with the Handpan in mind a go, you can visit Phoenix Handpan Care over at their website HERE, for more info.  And if you’ve used it and like it, feel free to drop a recommendation or review in the comments section below.

Antiox SD Anti Corrosive Handpan Oil

Another recently announced product targeted specifically at the Handpan care market is Antiox SD Anti Corrosive Handpan Oil, from the guys at Handpan Shell.  Being very new to market (announced just this week at time of posting) we currently know little to nothing about this product, but include it in this post due to the nature of its purpose, and its lower price point, compared to the Phoenix Handpan Oil.  Presenting another option for those looking to protect their pans from the ever dreaded threat of rusting.  You can find more information on Antiox SD over at Facebook HERE.  And as above, if you’ve used the product, or intend to give it a try, and can spare a few moments to drop a recommendation or review in the comments section below, please feel free to do so...
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