PAN INC - Handpan South Africa

If you’ve heard of the Tzevaot brand of Handpan, then you’ve by-the-by heard of the instruments of PAN INC. - the South-Africa based manufacturers of Handpan, and Steel Pan.  Because while Tzevaot have been among the most well placed Handpan-brands within the market in recent years, it has been known for some time now that Tzevaot are not Handpan makers themselves, in the traditional sense, but are instead distributors, or facilitators, and the instruments that they distribute are, primarily, if not exclusively, produced by the PAN INC team.   With PAN INC stating via their Facebook page: ‘For orders outside of Africa, please visit our official stockists, Tzevaot'.  However, should you be based in South Africa, it appears that you can go straight to the source, and make your purchase directly from PAN INC themselves.

What does a PAN INC Handpan sound like?  Just take a listen to any Tzevaot video and you’ll have your answer.  And while there are no actual prices listed on their Facebook page, presumably you’ll be able to save yourself a little cash via this route - should you be Africa-based.

And to end this post we’ll leave you with a video from Italian composer, Gioli, who has been racking up millions of views over at Facebook with her recent videos featuring her PAN INC / Tzevaot Handpan…

For more information visit PAN INC over at Facebook HERE

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