Inside the PanMagination of Chris Ng - Handpan Art and T-Shirt Designs

Whether simply an admirer of Handpan-themed art, or you’re actively on the lookout for some new Handpan-adorned threads with which to snazz-up your wardrobe - you might enjoy joining us on this brief journey, into the Handpan-centric imaginings of Hong-Kong based artist and designer, Chris Ng.

We’ve stumbled across some interesting Handpan art over the years, such as the Hangism works of AoxoA, and the t-shirt designs of the Charlatan Crew (to name just a couple).  And the curious Handpan-art offerings of Chris Ng add well to this rich tapestry - and are among the most intriguing we’ve yet explored...

From Handpan-airships, to Handpan space-vessels.  Ladies pregnant with Handpan-offsrping, and Handpan-hearts (of the non Valentines day kind).  The arts, stories, sketches, and imaginations of Chris Ng are sure to delight fans of the Handpan (or "Pantam", as Chris prefers to call it) in this world, and in world's both real and imagined beyond...

And to view more of Chris's work (or even to purchase a t-shirt displaying his art) you can find him over at Facebook: HERE.

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