The Booty-Tap-Mallet-Lever-Thingamajigs of Nakayama Daisuke

Here at HPM, as with the Gu Boosters, GuSkin, PanHook, and HandClap type gizmos of recent times - if you can clip it to, shove it in, wrap it around, or essentially attach your new invention to a Handpan in any way, shape, or form - we’ll probably be interested in taking a look at it.

And while most of the aforementioned Handpan accessories bring additional sonic qualities to Handpan-play, like the PanHook, the booty-tap mallet lever system (for lack of a better name) recently invented by Japanese Handpan musician, Nakayama Daisuke, is a device that addresses a more practical problem.

With the growing number of Handpan now featuring bottom notes, often called "Booty Taps", which while great for increasing the range of a Handpan, some may find them awkward to activate. Which is where Nakayama Daisuke's invention, complete with what appears to be a small yellow rubber tortoise, comes in. With its intended purpose being to make those "hard to reach areas" (at the risk of sounding like some kind of toiletries commercial), easier to play. Through the use of its lever/mallet system. And while not speaking Japanese we have very little idea of what is being said in the follwing video, a translation of the description reads as follows:

'I made a mallet for hitting the Tonefield on the back of the handpan. Recently, there are more ones on the back of the hand pan with Tonefield. But, is not it hard for you to hit the back! What? So I tried to make a mallet for hitting the back side.'

And whether these are, or will be at a later date, available commercially, we’re not sure. But if this seems like something that you might be interested in learning more about - we recommend subscribing to Nakayama Daisuke's YouTube channel: HERE.

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