Pantam Stands - A Handpan Stand by Any Other Name

For those who don’t know, “Pantam”, is essentially an alternative name used by some for the Handpan-family of instruments. Said to be a combination of the words, “Pan”, and “Ghatam”, the Pantam moniker is believed to have first been used in Israel, as an alternative name for the Hang instruments of PANArt, back in the early years. But has now been adopted to some degree in the wider context. So when, with this post, we take a look at the newly offered up Pantam stands of Thomas and Avigdor Ben Tov from Avi Ot Woodcrafts, for our needs here at HPM, you can translate these as being Handpan stands.

The culmination of two years of work and experimentation, these Pantam stands are described as being a: 'Revolutionary, lightweight, foldable playing stand, designed especially for handpans and tongue drums.'  And we've got to admit, that just like the proverbial rose - they do seem pretty sweet.  Check out the official launch video below...

Pantam stands allow playing while both standing up and sitting down, and make it easy to combine multiple Pantams together.  And are said to be very stable, simple to use, and super portable.  The Pantam stands are fast to setup and makes it easy to switch between standing and sitting playing positions. And each Pantam stand ships with a custom case and an adjustable carrying strap.

For more information and/or to make a purchase you can find them for sale via the official website: HERE.  Or via Italy-based Handpan case and accessories stockist Hardcase Technologies: HERE.
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